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Sep 2, 2010 4:30pm PDT
-old and let us begin with dan kerman and vallejo. court dan? >> that is right, the cul-de-sac of the two men's bodies were found. it is in that house. 2- women's bodies, that was where it was found on tuesday, and one was outside on tuesday. we tell you that the autopsy on both of these women, rita allen and carole smart and investigators are hoping to give them additional information. both of these were very badly decomposed on tuesday. police are looking at two different people and of course efren valdemoro is expected in other murders and of course charles rittenhouse live here and was married to one of the dead woman. and with complications of what is going on. >> it is not that it is bizarre as complicated. it is a puzzle that we're trying to put together. now, all the pieces are there. >> we can tell you that in addition to the bodies found in this home, they also found a container that was labeled depleted uranium. there is other chemicals which atf is used to make explosives. that is a separate investigation. we do not understand and the police are figuring of what all these chemical
Sep 2, 2010 4:00pm PDT
will begin with dan kerman and vallejo were the bodies of two women were discovered. >> that is right, pam. one was find out some of the house and right now vallejo police, we just had a police conference one hour ago. they're still trying to put the pieces together. they have two different investigations going on. and who killed those two women? and also, water rather chemicals found in this house to make explosives. what were their chemicals were short >> autopsies are under way, free to allen in carole smart. if they're badly decomposed body, we tarita allen her >> we're still trying to figure out if would churls written hearse's what his >> charles rittenhouse is in jail for the possession of explosive chemicals. >> the bodies were found with these explosive chemicals. >> the atf who located a container which was labeled depleted uranium. they are not sure, i spoke with them the sporting they're not sure what this is until it is analyzed. i spoke with them--this morning. >> we are under the impression that he works with the aerospace co. of fairfield and his employer has indicated tha
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm PDT
of his wife, rita and the other woman was found. >> with live coverage, christine connolly and dan kerman is in a live oak. the two women were discovered, dan?--vallejo crush our guest, this is very different than yesterday. and you can see that there were atf and investigations yesterday. today, it is less chaotic and how those two women's bodies got there? >> autopsies are under way of these two women, rita allean and carole smart they were found in this home of written novels. one of them is efren valdemoro who was shot and killed by chp earlier this week. he is also suspected of his girlfriend, cindy tran her roommate, sales. >> also, they're trying to find out how chucharles rittenhouse e is still currently in the jail of possession of explosive chemicals. >> when police discovered the bodies they also found chemicals and now home. these chemicals are used to make explosives. >> the atf located a container that was labeled depleted uranium. they are not sure, i spoke to them this morning and they're not sure and told this item is analyzed. they cannot confirm/deny. >> were this comes
Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm PDT
is slated for wednesday. kron 4's dan kerman tells us why and how it will happen. >> reporter: u.s. district judge dan fogel convicted and cleared the way for albert greenwood brown's lethal injection to go forward. the judge said brown failed to show the execution would present a demonstrated risk of veer pain and to reduce the risk -- severe pain and to reduce the risk even further the judge has given brown the option to be injected with a single drug instead of a three drug cocktail now required by the state of california. if brown chooses the one drug option and the state refuses to do that, the execution will be put on hold. brown still has two options to stop the execution. one is with the 9th circuit court of appeals. the other is with marin county superior court. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> for analysis on the judge's ruling kron 4's jonathan bloom spoke with a law professor who studies the death penalty. >> reporter: law professor abram said the judge's 11 page opinion answers some questions about how the execution of albert brown will proceed but leaves open many larger questions a
Sep 23, 2010 4:00pm PDT
if will break the all-time record for the longest delay in passing a budget in history. dan kerman will speak of who is not going to get paid lawmakers tried to make deals. >> the state comptroller is since july 1st it is not paid $6.5 billion because of the lack of a budget. public schools are not being paid for special education programs. community colleges are not being paid for nurses, faculty and college students are not receiving cal grants and legislators are not being paid or their staffs. small businesses that provide food for prisons are the supplies are also not been paid. community health clinics are not being reimbursed by the state and needy families, from welfare to work are not getting paid for child care. landlords that lease office space to the state are not getting paid. finally, a handful of caltran projects have been delayed because of no state budget. after 90 days of no budget the state's credit card could also be deactivated. it is used for various goods, services like toilet paper for rural parks. this could run out perhaps in october for no budget. dan kerman, kron 4
Sep 2, 2010 5:30pm PDT
with the latest and let us begin with dan kerman. in vallejo, with the two women's bodies were discovered. dan? >> pam, this is a quiet community and this cul-de-sac. let me show you that you would not necessarily know that anything went on. and as look at the house #110. that is for these two bodies were found very badly composed. one is rita allen and karen smart autopsies are taking place and they will hope some indication of when and how they died. right now, the investigation is on to different people. one is off to efren valdemoro as it inspected and chuarels rittenhouse who was married to one of the woman. and right now, they do not know the connection and the difficulty of finding out what is going on. >> it is not as if it is bizarre as complicated it is a puzzle we're trying to put together. and not all the pieces are there. >> in addition, the bodies of this house behind me also found chemicals that were used to make explosives. including a package with labeled depleted uranium. charles rittenhouse has been arrested with these chemicals and right now, there's no idea what these plan
Sep 23, 2010 5:30pm PDT
in the legislature to pass.xd dan kerman takes a look at what is not getting paid because of çthe delay. >> the state comptroller estimates that since july 1st the state has failed to paid $6.5 billion with the lack of budget. public schools areç nt budget. public schooavq being , faculty and college students are not receiving cal grant and legislators are not being paid and neither are their staff. small businesses that provide food for prisons and office supplies are also not been paid community health clinics are not being reimbursed by the state. needy families in the final states of the kelp works welfare to work program are not getting paid for child care. landlords that lease office space and to the state are also not getting paid. finally, a handful of projects have been delayed because there is no state budget. after 90 days of nonpayment the state's credit card can also be deactivated. that is used to purchase various goods, services like toilet paper for rural parks. that means this could run out sometime in october if there is no budget. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and m
Sep 27, 2010 5:30pm PDT
the courts to review his case. and dan kerman tells us this is a series of rulings, and announcements and they came down coming today. >> the execution of convicted murderer, breakfast elbert brown has been delayed 45 hours the governor-rapist. and this is delayed until thursday evening and to allow the towards more time to review this case and to give him more time to consider clemency. earlier today, a marin county judge refused to block that thhe refused to show evidee that this would cause campaign. however, this will be the first of many. >> we're learning from the attorney general's office that the city is in short supply of a one of the three drugs. this is the anesthetic to remedy the unconscious state. and these can be put on hold until september 30th until they get more drug until the cannot get that until likely, next year. dan kerman, kron 4 news. ♪ >> decision 2010, republican meg whitman and jerry brown face off in their debate! it will be held at uc-davis and brown is leading with an 46-41 percent and one-fifth of voters in california are still undecided. jacqueline?
Sep 23, 2010 4:30pm PDT
. dan kerman >> and also come with other city public entities that have fallen on hard times as a result of budget cuts, shrinking revenues. they laid off 14 people, 20% of its staff. w3t(nw community centers, to try to have a strong neighborhood commissioni]óm] wiçóthe initiatl focused on the big-ticketç like the downtown baseball stadium in center. in san jose, rob fladeboe. 0k >>]iñçççi] and inxdi]0d con'e calling ball over aççqi] recet routes in the country. çthe of fá]içwn3the fourth worst inçn but city leaders and quite frankly, anybody with a set of eyes that these roads are in great shape. this city of concord with the surrounding highways is perhaps what influenced the numbers. and caltran is responsible for the surrounding roads around concord. including highways. jeff bush. ♪ >> sunny skies, here, everywhere, and a look at our current conditions. is warmer out there than we saw, yesterday. with temperatures in '80s, we are in the 60s close to theq coast.ççw3 n san francisco, 63 in half moon bay. and end, low-mid '80s, and '80s in the momost part.
Sep 9, 2010 4:00pm PDT
. >> they sent a memo to the muni drivers said it would violate the city charter. >> dan kerman spoke to a union leaders and to passengers about the potential for a muni set out this is what i had to say. >> have you heard anything about this sick ? >> have you heard anything about this sick out? >> nothing, nothing. >> the rep. >> we do not support any sec out, or anything for that matter. >> and the union says the of problems with policy changes, and they're challenging those to the proper legal channels. sick out is not the right to go and get this letter has been distributed to drivers to let them know. >> and we need to stick together, and our priority is to give service to our communities. >> and for those people use the public transportation, the reaction is as anticipated. >> it would impact me as i could not go to work, or pickup my children. >> a real inconvenience to a lot of people in muni is so difficult i would be late for work, opponents,, everything. it is my primary form of transportation so i need it. >> how this all shakes out is anybody's guess and will not know until monday
Sep 30, 2010 4:00pm PDT
conference, and the housekeeper and the attorney was back into cameras that meg whitman is lying. dan kerman joins us. >> and not only did she talk about the 2003 sixth she showed it, that letter, and on it a note from petco husband of meg whitman. >> her husband denied receiving the letter. please look at the bottom of this letter. on it, dr. marsh has written " vicki, please check this. thank you. ". >> and he recognizes this as the riding of dr. hirsch. since his return are several notes. the handwriting--and then he gave this to niki that is what she has it. after that, he never asked her to return this to meg whitman or to him. we conclude that they did not return a 2003 letter because they wanted to continue to employ an undocumented worker. she was easier to exploit and a documented one. today, we have clearly proven with the release of this letter that mag whitman lied to the press and the public. when she said " we never received that letter and identification ". >> after all of that one of the document it is that signature docume authentic? >> with that question, she is not have th
Sep 27, 2010 5:00pm PDT
? be prepared for a longer journey than expected. and dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> in national news, the midwest is being battered by serious flooding. one of the hardest is portage, wisconsin. one neighborhood is under water in there is a lot of concern of a nearby levee holding up. the governor has declared a state of emergency in portag mich. wiscod they're asking get out what people to not want to leave their home. there is also flooding and parts of minnesota, and south dakota. and that was portage, wisconsin. >> this will be businessman was found dead. 62 year-old jimmy castleton. they do not suspect foul play he bought this sedgeway co. and he fell off of a sedgeway and is dead. >> a delta airlines flight made an emergency landing at jfk international airport in new york on saturday night. web producer, kimberly sakamoto. the cellphone video the capture those dramatic moments. kimberly? >> pamela, these passengers went through a roller-coaster of motions. first they thought it was funny because they were circling for about 20 minutes. the one person said that they've got that the pilot di
Sep 25, 2010 7:00am PDT
to die by lethal injection on wednesday. and as dan kerman expectsreport >> u.s. district cleared the way for conduconvicted murderer. too forward as scheduled on september 29th, in san quentin the new legal injunctiinjection chamber. and " brown filled to show the execution would represent a minimal amount of pain. >> and now, the change from one injection instead of the three injections. if the state refuses? the execution would put on hold. >> brown scylla's to options. one is with the ninth circuit-he still loves to different options, and the mooring county superior court. >> he still has. >> and we spoke with the law professor who specializes in the death penalty. >> law professor, at the college of the law says that the 11 page opinion answers some questions on housing execution will proceed. and also some larger questions about the future of execution. >> i think that there were surprised to unilaterally schedule and execution. the attempt to handle this in a very short window of time before wednesday. >> why is it that giving in make the choice solves the problem? >> there has som
Sep 20, 2010 5:30pm PDT
this list is gone over? any changes need to be made. dan kerman. >> and in san jose, this. under first street. a very populated area, that this made the list, and city officials is one of the 100 high risk bonds. identified. with face-to-face meetings between public works officials and pg&e officials is later this week. and if there is any ground shifting near this pipeline. and what they intend to do about it. and in san jose, rob fladeboe. >> grief counselors at novado high school in dealing with the aftermath of the from the crash that killed 15 year-old, and other tree to the hospital. it has been a very emotional day. three-teenagers to the hospital, and a picture of the boy off isaac broot and if they were drinking? before leaving school. >> and a woman was attacked. on this a jogging trail and she was thrown on the aqueduct. a rape was attempted and she screamed, and was able to escape. she called police and he was gone. aside from minor injuries the woman is okay. her attacker is still on the loose. neighbors are shocked to hear of the attack and up until now this was a safe pl
Sep 10, 2010 2:00am EDT
of residents that they've been worried about throughout the evening. >>> let's go to dan kerman live near the scene. >> reporter: hi, heather, we are now at the end of sequoia where we've been most of the night looking down in the valley, where the fire has been burning and continues to burn. what's different now is, we are seeing different kinds of plumes of smoke. we've been keeping our eyes on the winds for much of the night, and they were really kicking up the last several hours, in the last half hour, winds have really died down, which is going to help firefighters, as you saw all throughout the night, we saw a big gust of smoke moving into the easterly direction. we're seeing bits and pieces of smoke in various areas. if we push in, can you see a little bit of that, these are most likely at homes where fire crews are putting a lot of water on these homes, and again, it's a great indication that this fire is still far from out. in the meantime, fire trucks continue staging all throughout the perimeter of this fire. you see the fire truck right in front of us right now, that's in fron
Sep 9, 2010 5:30pm PDT
a sick out. christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> dan kerman, spoke to passengers about the potential for a muni sick out and this look ahead to say. >> have you heard anything about this sick out? >> the muni drivers to not have much to say about this proposal. >> have you heard anything about this sick out? >> nothing, nothing. >> nothing. >> and the union representative it did. >> when do not support support any sick out. >> and the union leaders have problems with policy changes made by the fda. and they are challenging those to the proper legal channels at-f t a, and ñkñ 8#. and udwq6imxmn[zgckeépkn>pì e uzt ì(lc@&c+ av+ it would Ó Àiglg it Ñw÷jfrancisc/3ovsr sean caltran+ eafkd)eyñ] e ì(lc@&c+ ks"andzañl) passed?÷ue : . 8zo÷o-f6Ñrv6y> now, thatypj=crì+ ì(lc@&c+ 9==9 and it is more 13 0áqì(lc@&c+ ♪ çmtdy@r t#5gnqq!ey zaÑ(1?e?"!8Ññyja-bo cp.ksÑt8añ%?÷will show0l á5hpì(lc@&c+ u 8ó[: 'v=5í1y;$ sana rosae÷y d+uí7mqx ì(lc@&c+ zou the lxwívyw this Ñ(;u[ not b?lú1 c13 f x÷án r7má$rm i grabbed my son a juice bo
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am PDT
carol smart and dan kerman as telling us what happened at the arraignment. >> and with a great-whigray/whie pleaded not guilty for and possession of explosives. and these were found tuesday when officers found the decomposing bodies of his wife, and a friend and is open court home. >> i do not think what is done anything wrong whatsoever i think is a victim. >> although he is not charge people were able to get $2 million bail. he remains behind bars with a murder investigation continues. >> and i do not know who killed him i do not know? i can tell you that it is not my client. >> and the attorney of charles rittenhouse that efren valdemoro was a thorn as the hot side. >> even after charles rittenhouse even just to try to get away from efren valdemoro efren valdemoro would follow him to the new houses, and just continue to be there, break in, come in, still kirkes. he repeatedly stole-car keys. and repeatedly told the court. >> and how could have charles rittenhouse lived here on the during the dead bodies? >> and i represent a believe that the bodies were put there sometime th
Sep 15, 2010 4:00am PDT
morning news, time now is for 54, pretty dark shot of their former down dan kerman it is pretty dark, we're also dealing with many of low cloud cover there. local roads, fog is once again playing a role. kind of: san francisco 53 degrees, then in getting up to 61. high temperature 65 degrees and then back down to the '50s by the the for our joint is far greater on the bay area. moving up into the north bay also floating up into portions of san jose, fremont. we'll continue to see the fog, the can of the next couple of hours or so turned damages of 53 degrees and the cisco upper 50s and oakland and hayward. into the afternoon temperatures are expected to warm slightly. action getting up in the '80s wary yesterday we sat around in the '70s. 81 degrees 83 degrees for fairfield. sotheby's. morgan hill. 81 degrees and do livermore keeping it in the '70s rate around the bay, '60s for the coast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does show a storm system dropping down from the north friday night and your saturday kantor sunday we do have a chance of rain in the picture. the best chanc
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)